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EBA 1125 S - Penghancur kertas

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Compact EBA deskside paper shredder with a second shredding head for CDs/DVDs.

Deskside Paper Shredder EBA 1125 S with a second shredding head for CDs/DVDs and two separate shred bins for easy waste separation. EBA PAPAER SHREDDER 1125S is very practical and ideal to support your work.

EBA PAPAER SHREDDER 1125 S can destroy credit cards and CDs / DVDs, has a separate container and is made of high impact resistant plastic and a high quality wooden cabinet.

Shredders Standard  ISO / IEC 21964 P-2

5 (five) years guarantee , Made in Germany (Built Up)

Deskside Shredder EBA 1125 S

Solid steel cutting shafts : Robust and durable, high quality paper shredder clip proof cutting shafts with 5 years guarantee under conditions of fair wear and tear.

More safety : The safety flap in the feed opening shredders is an additional safety element to keep fingers,ties or other objects away from the cutting shafts.

Removable shred bin : With large window showing fill level and second bin for CD/DVD shreds for easy waste separation.

Second Cutting head : Separate feeding slot for the disposal of CDs and DVDs with a second cutting head, Photo cell for automatic start and stop.

Color of Cabinet : made from special material wooden, elegant and black color resistant to dirty.  

Shred width - type  4mm - Strip Cut
Sheet capacity (A4 70g/m2) 11-13 Pages
ISO / IEC219644  P-2

Order EBA 1125 S/C , Paper shredder that suitable and ideal for office use, elegant and high quality at authorised distributor PT. Arotech International.

5 (five) years steel blade guarantee by distributor